Geospatial Solutions coverage of COVID-19

May 14, 2020  - By
Photo: NicoElNino/iStock / Getty Images Plus/Getty Images

Photo: NicoElNino/iStock / Getty Images Plus/Getty Images

Geospatial Solutions and GPS World are offering the latest news and updates concerning the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic as it affects the geospatial, mapping and GNSS/PNT industries. Read a message from GPS World here.


GMV leads development of ESA COVID-19 Space Hunting Platformy (7/20/20)
How is COVID-19 affecting you? Take part in our survey (4/22/20)
US small business loans a challenge due to COVID-19 (4/20/20)
Plans to reopen after COVID-19 vary widely (4/20/20)
Airbus to produce 3D-printed visors in fight against COVID-19 (4/17/20)
Galileo Masters 2020 open for submissions (4/16/20)
Martek Marine launches COVID-19 tests for crew changes (4/15/20)
Robotic Research innovates to help fight COVID-19 (4/15/20)
New Topcon Talks aimed at professionals at home during COVID-19 (4/9/20)
Coronavirus delays GPS III SV03 launch until June (4/8/20)
Schriever stays operational despite COVID-19 (4/3/20)
PCTEL terminates share repurchase program (4/2/20)
U.S. Space Force accepts control of GPS III SV02 amidst global pandemic (4/1/20)
Testing suspended on Galileo Batch 3 satellites (3/30/20)
GPS tracking shows critical truck deliveries continue despite COVID-19 (3/26/20)
China adds to BeiDou as satnav service helps fight coronavirus (3/10/20)

Mapping & geospatial

Esri offers COVID-19 resources for nonprofits (5/8/20)
GIS tool provides updates on open businesses amid COVID-19 (4/22/20)
NSGIC issues joint statement on value of GIS during COVID-19 pandemic (4/17/20)
How to prepare and organize a fleet during the COVID-19 pandemic (4/13/20)
Dashboard graphs those working from home during COVID-19 (4/10/20)
Georgia county provides grocery store app for residents (4/8/20)
Esri releases resources for businesses during COVID-19 (4/3/20)
Esri to provide mapping resources to WHO Member States (4/1/20)
Analysis of satellite imagery shows reduced NO2 in China, Italy (3/23/20)
Esri supports John Hopkins COVID-19 Design Challenge (3/27/20)
Genasys releases COVID-19 interactive map layer service (3/19/20)
Esri ArcGIS map tracks global coronavirus cases (3/13/20)

Mobile apps & location intelligence

WGIC: Geospatial analytics at forefront of COVID-19 fight (4/27/20)
Traxens offers smart-container tracking to manage COVID-19 supplies (4/21/20)
Radius Telematics sees spike in vehicle theft during coronavirus crisis (4/15/20)
GPS tracking need not sit out COVID-19 because of privacy laws (4/8/20)
Esri to provide US school data during COVID-19 pandemic (4/8/20)
InnerSpace location platform supports public safety, COVID-19 response (4/1/20)
Sewio helps fight COVID-19 with ‘smart quarantining’ (4/1/20)
European GNSS Agency provides list of COVID-19 apps (3/30/20)
19 countries track mobile location to fight COVID-19 (3/26/20)
Coronavirus and location: Is there a line? (3/23/20)
WHO Health Alert brings COVID-19 facts to billions via WhatsApp (3/21/20)
COVID-19: Israel’s citizens now tracked by their smartphones (3/19/20)
Oxford University explores feasibility of coronavirus tracing mobile app (3/18/20)


Draganfly conducts pandemic drone tests in US (4/21/20)
AUVSI report: Demand growing for expanded drone operations (4/21/20)
UAVOS completes tests for drone delivery of humanitarian relief (4/17/20)
Kazakhstan uses drones to patrol capital during COVID-19 lockdown (4/9/20)
Drone Delivery Canada asks for COVID-19 use cases (3/30/20)
DJI joins with firefighting provider Rosenbauer on digital emergency response (3/30/20)
ARPAS-UK coordinates COVID-19 drone capability task force (3/30/20)
Pandemic drones to monitor, detect those with COVID-19 (3/26/20)
China fights coronavirus with delivery drones (3/6/20)
Xag creates fund for drones disinfection program to fight coronavirus (2/11/20)

Show updates

Esri User Conference goes virtual because of COVID-19 (4/22/20)
3 more conferences postponed due to COVID-19 (4/20/20)
ION 2020 Joint Navigation Conference rescheduled over COVID-19 concerns (4/9/20)
36th Space Symposium rescheduled due to COVID-19 (4/9/20)
GEO Business 2020 rescheduled amid coronavirus concerns (3/18/20)
IEEE/ION PLANS Conference canceled due to COVID-19 concerns (3/13/20)
AUVSI Xponential show postponed until August (3/13/20)
Munich Satellite Navigation Summit canceled due to coronavirus (3/10/20)
Mobile World Congress 2020 canceled due to coronavirus concerns (2/12/20)


Seen & Heard: Drones and robots fight coronavirus (3/5/20)
Coronavirus, organ transport top medical drone uses (2/19/20)