XQ-58A demonstrator in flight. Photo: U.S. Air Force

Going Beyond. Visual line of sight, that is.

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Above: Krasukha jammer mounted on a heavy-duty truck, part of the radio electronic warfare unit (EW) of the Western Military District. Photo: Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

Norway proves Russian interference

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Photo: Topcon

Infrastructure and technology documentary series available from Topcon

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Photo: NovAtel

NovAtel further enhances Waypoint GNSS+INS post-processing

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Tallysman’s Allen Crawford gives an overview of the company’s new choke ring and helical antennas, as well as the VeraPhase antenna. Tallysman featured its new products at Intergeo 2018 in Frankfurt, Germany.

Tallysman introduces choke ring, helical antennas at Intergeo 2018

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Image: Celebrating200years.noaa.gov

Surveyors and smart cities — partners in technology

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Photo: ESA-Anneke Le Floc’h

Galileo’s crucible

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Figure: Peter Steigenberger, Oliver Montenbruck, Steffen Thoelert and Richard Langley

First light: Broadcast of L1C by GPS III

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Figure 1. Rendering of three georeferenced lidar point clouds on Google Earth. (Image: Authors)

Research Roundup: Modeling lidar data for positioning

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  • Photo: Trimble

    Rugged Trimble T7 tablet designed for survey and construction

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  • Photo: Shutterstock.com/Allies Interactive

    Launchpad: Autonomous vehicle software, GNSS avionics, more

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  • Photo: Systron Donner

    Systron Donner updates SDN500-xE MEMS INS/GPS

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