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About Us

The business and technology of global positioning, navigation and timing (PNT)

GPS World, the magazine, has covered the global positioning industry since 1989. Our website,, began providing that same coverage in 1998, with news as it happens.

GPS World’s Navigate! Weekly e-newsletter first appeared in 2007, providing news conveniently delivered to your inbox.

The Digital Edition, electronically reproducing the full print issue, launched in mid-2005. Complete, convenient (browser-based, with no fat files or mandatory downloads), interactive (live, zoomable, thumbable, with immediate clickthrough to advertisers’ and other referenced sites), and portable — download it to your computer for offline reading and archiving. We introduced Apple and Android apps in 2012 and 2013, respectively.

GPS World’s market-segmented microsites are the freshest out-of-the-box tools for professionals in every tech field that uses or seeks to use global positioning, navigation, and timing. Use the tabs at the top of this page to access these highly targeted, highly accurate source materials.

We’re more than a magazine. We are an information dissemination system. And we’re not done yet.

For continuous innovation in delivery of the freshest, most comprehensive GPS/GNSS-related news to high-level corporate managers, project and engineering managers, product designers, researchers and system developers — all of whom rely on GPS World when making purchase decisions in a $5.8 billion market — just watch this space.

A note about our name

This is GPS World. But the magazine has never limited itself to coverage of the U.S. Global Positioning System. We have also chronicled the development of GLONASS and Galileo, WAAS, LAAS, NDGPS, EGNOS, private correction services, MSAS, QZSS, Beidou, GAGAN and GRAS.

In addition to this business of global navigation satellite systems, we examine many fellow travelers, the technologies that GPS has taken along for the ride in its efforts to achieve greater accuracy, availability, integrity and robustness. We’re talking inertial sensors, LORAN-C, lasers, lidar, electronic compasses, cellular signal positioning, video signal positioning, odometers, wheel speed sensors, ultra wideband, RFID, Bluetooth, DSRC and more.

These draw our interest because GPS — as a concept now, not just a physical manifestation — has spread relentlessly, inexorably across the landscape, the seas, into air space, into outer space. It has dived deep into integration with these technologies, driven by designers and engineers crafting new solutions for challenging problems in the marketplace.

Wherever it goes, we follow. That’s because we all need some understanding of, or at least familiarity with, integration issues to follow GPS/GNSS in its ever-widening sphere of influence.

And because our fold increases daily, GPS World readers now come from all high-tech sectors, as other industries realize they can benefit from high-accuracy position and timing. Thanks to our Digital Edition, all qualified readers can now get GPS World.

We’re global. We’re about position. And we study systems. We’re not only GPS. We’re more.

Editorial Staff

Mailing address for the editorial staff:

ncm_logoNorth Coast Media
1360 East 9th Street
10th Floor
Cleveland, OH 44114

Marty WhitfordMarty Whitford
Vice President of Content | 216-706-3766

Marty Whitford graduated from Kent State University’s School of Journalism & Mass Communication in 1993. Prior to that, he served a four-year stint in the U.S. Navy: “It was an experience of a lifetime, something that prepared me for leading at work and listening at home.” Whitford and his new commanding officer, Bridgid, tied the knot Aug. 10, 1991. The Whitfords reside in Bay Village, Ohio, and are the proud parents of Mickey, Jamie and Meg.

Matteo LuccioMatteo Luccio
Editor-in-Chief | 541-543-0525

Luccio possesses 20 years of experience as a writer and editor for GNSS and geospatial technology magazines. He began his career in the industry in 2000, serving as managing editor of GPS World and Galileo’s World, then as editor of Earth Observation Magazine and GIS Monitor. His technical articles have been published in more than 20 professional magazines, including Professional Surveyor MagazineApogeo Spatial and xyHt. Luccio holds a master’s degree in political science from MIT.

cozzens_tracy_130Tracy Cozzens
Senior Editor

Tracy Cozzens has served as managing editor/senior editor of GPS World magazine since 2006. She also is editor of GPS World’s newsletters and the sister website Geospatial Solutions. She has worked in government, for non-profits, and in corporate communications, editing a variety of publications for audiences ranging from federal government contractors to teachers.

Diane SofranecDiane Sofranec
Staff Editor | 216-706-3793

Diane Sofranec is an award-winning journalist whose professional writing and editing career spans more than 30 years. She has worked in print publishing and digital media, writing and editing cover stories, feature articles and columns; creating and editing electronic newsletters, blog posts and social media content; and covering industry events.

Charles Park
Art Director

Contributing Editors

Innovation Insights with Richard Langley

Richard Langley
Innovation column editor | 506-453-4698 | fax: 506-453-4943

Professor Langley has worked extensively with the Global Positioning System. He has been active in the development of GPS error models since the early 1980s and is a co-author of the venerable “Guide to GPS Positioning” and a columnist and contributing editor of GPS World magazine. His research team is currently working on a number of GPS-related projects, including the study of atmospheric effects on wide-area augmentation systems, the adaptation of techniques for spaceborne GPS, and the development of GPS-based systems for machine control and deformation monitoring. Professor Langley is a collaborator in UNB’s Canadian High Arctic Ionospheric Network project and is the principal investigator for the GPS instrument on the Canadian CASSIOPE research satellite now in orbit.

Tony_Murfin_130Tony Murfin
Professional OEM (original equipment manufacturer) + UAV e-newsletter
Tony Murfin is managing consultant for GNSS Aerospace LLC, Florida. Murfin provides business development consulting services to companies involved in GNSS products and markets, and writes for GPS World as the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) contributing editor. Previously, Murfin worked for NovAtel Inc. in Calgary, Canada, as vice president of Business Development; for CMC Electronics in Montreal, Canada, as business development manager, product manager, software manger and software engineer; for CAE in Montreal as simulation software engineer; and for BAe in Warton, U.K., as senior avionics engineer.

Murfin has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology in the U.K., and is a U.K. Chartered Engineer (CEng MIET).

Tim BurchTim Burch
Survey Scene e-newsletter
Tim Burch, GPS World’s co-contributing editor for survey, is director of Surveying at SPACECO Inc. in Rosemont, Illinois. He has been working as a professional land surveyor since 1985, and is the secretary, Board of Directors, National Society of Professional Surveyors.

David B. ZilkoskiDavid B. Zilkoski
Survey Scene e-newsletter
David B. Zilkoski has worked in the fields of geodesy and surveying for more than 40 years. He was employed by National Geodetic Survey (NGS) from 1974 to 2009. He served as NGS director from October 2005 to January 2009. Now retired from government service, as a consultant he provides technical guidance on GNSS surveys; computes crustal movement rates using GPS and leveling data; and leads training sessions on guidelines for estimating GPS-derived heights, procedures for performing leveling network adjustments, the use of ArcGIS for analyses of adjustment data and results, and the proper procedures to follow when estimating crustal movement rates using geodetic leveling data.

William TewelowWilliam Tewelow
Defense PNT + Geointelligence e-newsletter
William Tewelow is a former intelligence specialist with the U.S. Navy. He also served a special assignment at the U.S. Department of Transportation and is currently a manager with the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration

GPS World Editorial Advisory Board

Tony Agresta | Nearmap
Miguel Amor | Hexagon Positioning Intelligence
Thibault Bonnevie | SBG Systems
Alison Brown | NAVSYS Corporation
Ismael Colomina | GeoNumerics
Clem Driscoll | C.J. Driscoll & Associates
John Fischer | Orolia
Ellen Hall | Spirent Federal Systems
Jules McNeff | Overlook Systems Technologies, Inc.
Terry Moore | University of Nottingham
Bradford W. Parkinson | Stanford Center for Position, Navigation and Time
Jean-Marie Sleewaegen | Septentrio
Michael Swiek | GPS Alliance
Julian Thomas | Racelogic Ltd.
Greg Turetzky | Consultant


Marty Whitford
Publisher | 216-706-3766

Mike Joyce
Associate Publisher | 216-706-3723

Todd Miller
Senior Account Manager | 216-706-7921

Nick Hartman
Account Manager | 216-675-6000

Michelle Mitchell
Vice President of Marketing | 216-363-7922

Allison Blong
Marketing & Event Manager | 216-363-7936

Emily Adkins
Marketing & Sales Manager, Buyers’ Guide | 216-675-6006

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