Hexagon releases ionospheric scintillation firmware

April 22, 2024  - By
Image: Hexagon | Novatel

Image: Hexagon | Novatel

Hexagon | NovAtel has released its 7.09.01 and 7.09.02 firmware, designed to provide improved precise point positioning (PPP) accuracy and availability for ionospheric scintillation on all OEM7 receiver boards, enclosures and SMART Antennas.

Ionospheric scintillation refers to rapid fluctuations in GNSS signal strength and phase due to localized irregularities in the electron density of the ionosphere resulting from solar activity. Scintillation adversely affects GNSS positioning particularly around the geomagnetic equator after local sunset.

Ionospheric activity is increasing as the peak of Solar Cycle 25 is approaching. To mitigate these effects, 7.09.01 and 7.09.02 firmware is designed to offer substantial enhancements to the accuracy and availability of high-precision positioning during ionospheric scintillation.

Version 7.09.01 is available for agriculture applications replacing Version 7.08.15. Version 7.09.02 is available for all other markets replacing Version 7.09.00.

Data comparing the performance of 7.09.01 and 7.09.02 to previous firmware versions showed 60% improved TerraStar-C PRO PPP accuracy during periods of ionospheric scintillation and less than 90% uptime with TerraStar-C PRO PPP in scintillation regions.

Additionally, the 7.09.01 for agriculture includes Precision time protocol (PTP) available on SMART7-I and SMART7-SI for synchronizing accurate GNSS time with other devices on a shared network. Compared to the previously released Version. 7.09.00, the system shows improvements to the time to first fix (TTFF).

Users can download the firmware updates for specific platforms at https://bit.ly/3Jr8hJi

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