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About Tony Murfin

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Tony Murfin is managing consultant for GNSS Aerospace LLC, Florida. Murfin provides business development consulting services to companies involved in GNSS products and markets, and writes for GPS World as the OEM Professional contributing editor.

Previously, Murfin worked for NovAtel Inc. in Calgary, Canada, as vice president of Business Development; for CMC Electronics in Montreal, Canada, as business development manager, product manager, software manger and software engineer; for CAE in Montreal as simulation software engineer; and for BAe in Warton, UK, as senior avionics engineer.

Murfin has a B.Sc. from the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology in the UK, and is a UK Chartered Engineer (CEng MIET).

Posts by Tony Murfin

A mess in Boston? Moon navigation? GNSS to the rescue Posted on 18 May 2022 in the Opinions & UAV/UGV categories.

This month our UAV and GNSS news ranges from a drone diving into the Boston subway to a GNSS receiver designed for Moon orbit. We also look at the types... Read more»

Reapers used to fight California wildfires Posted on 20 Apr 2022 in the Featured Stories & UAV/UGV categories.

From military Reaper unmanned vehicles being turned into civilian fire-fighters to AI-system monitored e-scooters – we take a look at some new applications which might interest even the most tech-savvy. Read more»

FCC, FAA and 5G Posted on 16 Mar 2022 in the Featured Stories categories.

Last month we attempted to provide an overview of the issue concerning Federal Communication Commission’s (FCC) licensing of C-Band radio spectrum, the subsequent fielding of wireless service for 5G phones... Read more»

Delivery robots begin to look real Posted on 16 Feb 2022 in the Opinions & UAV/UGV categories.

On university and business campuses, getting lunch and dinner is becoming a lot easier as robot delivery units hit the pathways. If you were a student or faculty member at... Read more»

US agencies tangle on possible C-band interference Posted on 18 Jan 2022 in the Opinions & Transportation & UAV/UGV categories.

As most GNSS industry insiders already know, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has licensed adjacent GNSS L1 protection frequencies to Ligado Networks (formerly Lightsquared) for its nationwide 4G-LTE network. Many... Read more»

Catching DARPA’s gremlins and flying a Renault 4L Posted on 16 Dec 2021 in the Opinions & UAV/UGV categories.

Developments in the autonomous space this month include an cargo aircraft with unmanned passengers, another way drones can deliver really heavy cargo, and a fanciful recreation of a beloved vintage... Read more»

Unmanned and AI: Indy Challenge takes autonomous to big track Posted on 17 Nov 2021 in the Opinions & Transportation & UAV/UGV categories.

The Indy Autonomous Challenge has shown advancement in the technology of unmanned vehicles, which could lead to autonomous cars on our roads. Read more»

UAVs, walking robots and an autonomous tugboat Posted on 18 Oct 2021 in the Opinions & UAV/UGV categories.

In a slight expansion from our previous monthly UAV newsletter columns, we’re now looking at autonomous systems with a wider outlook, capturing the automated world as it evolves. News this... Read more»