YellowScan launches bathymetric lidar system

January 18, 2024  - By
Image: YellowScan

Image: YellowScan

YellowScan has released its new bathymetric lidar system, the YellowScan Navigator.

The environmental hazards of climate change have an impact on human activities and infrastructure, such as drier seasons or heavy rains and flooding rivers. Precisely mapping both waterbed and land is required for monitoring, modeling and mitigating coastal erosion and flood hazards and for understanding biodiversity habits.

YellowScan Navigator is designed for surveyors to map underwater topography, in rivers, ponds and coastal areas.

The system features a laser scanner developed in-house over the course of five years and has been heavily tested to achieve optimal performance. The compact system can map waterbeds with a depth of up to three meters and can reach a depth of 18 meters in perfectly clear water conditions, according to the company. It can be flown up to 100m above the water surface and provides measurements with a precision accuracy of 3 cm. Additionally, a camera is embedded to offer true-color data visualization.

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