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TOPODRONE studies Israel floating solar farm

January 24, 2023

A drone equipped with an echo sounder surveys the Dead Sea. (Photo: SPH Engineering)

Bathymetric surveys dip into Dead Sea

September 3, 2021

Image: SPH Engineering

UgCS updated for UAV-based lidar mapping

August 6, 2021

UgCS software updated for drone-based lidar missions

July 26, 2021

Photo: Kroger

Seen & Heard: S’mores, penguins and sinkholes

May 25, 2021

Photo: Velos UAV

SPH Engineering’s UgCS software now supports Velos UAV helicopter

February 25, 2021

SPH Engineering announces support for DJI M300

February 23, 2021

Screenshot: UgSC

SPH Engineering provides drone-integrated metal detection

January 11, 2021