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TOPODRONE studies Israel floating solar farm

January 24, 2023  - By


On Jan. 12, TOPODRONE used its synchronized lidar, airborne photogrammetry and bathymetric surveying methods to study a floating solar farm in Israel. This was completed upon request from the UAV service provider ERELIS, to help conduct a pilot project of reservoir surveying with a UAV for ETZ HADEKEL in northern Israel.

As the surface of the reservoir in Northern Israel is covered by solar panels, it is difficult to use standard methods of surveying from a boat. The goal of this study was to create 3D models, which can be used for high-precision assessments of sediment volumes, general monitoring of reservoir banks and visual monitoring.



During this project, ERELIS performed two-stage UAV surveying to create the 3D model of the reservoir. In the first stage, aerial photogrammetry and lidar surveys were performed using a DJI M300 UAV. The UAV was equipped with the P61 TOPODRONE camera and a lidar high-resolution system to determine the location of obstacles. The lidar scanning provided accurate detection of cables in the water.

The second stage included an underwater bathymetric survey using the TOPODRONE AQUAMAPPER mounted to the DJI M300 UAV. The flight mission was planned and executed with the UgCS software by SPH Engineering.

All data collected from the study was processed by TOPODRONE Post Processing software. This generated a georeferenced orthophoto map, a 3D model of the relief and objects, a 3D model of the bottom of the reservoir and a model of contour lines and isobaths.

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