Editorial Advisory Board PNT Q&A: Are UAVs disruptive?

February 7, 2019  - By

Are drones (UAVs) a disruptive or constructive technology for high-precision mapping that yields practical, actionable results for the end user/customer?


Ismael Colomina

Ismael Colomina

“More constructive than disruptive. Drone mapping is opening new markets that, to a large extent, were not serviceable by conventional manned flights. On the other hand, the profound changes — and crisis — in the mapping business were not produced by drones.”
Ismael Colomina


Jean-Marie Sleewaegen

Jean-Marie Sleewaegen

“Drones have dramatically reshaped the surveying and mapping industry. Combined with reliable positioning and recent advancements in high-resolution cameras, photogrammetry and computer vision, drones now enable high-accuracy mapping faster and at much lower cost than conventional mapping techniques.”
Jean-Marie Sleewaegen


Jules McNeff

Jules McNeff

“Drones can be constructive augmentations to high-precision map products because of their ready access to diverse locations. Drone imagery can document real-time physical changes that affect mapping applications during natural disasters or other events — but images alone aren’t maps without a geo-referenced grid such as the U.S. National Grid.”
Jules McNeff
Overlook Systems Technologies Inc.


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