Topcon Announces Haul Truck System, DS-200 Upgrade at CONEXPO

March 5, 2014  - By

Topcon Positioning Group has made several product and service announcements at CONEXPO-CON/AGG, being held this week in Las Vegas.

Haul Truck System. The HT-30 haul truck module for Sitelink3D features a small, portable GPS-enabled control box that mounts into the truck cab. As the truck is loaded, data about the load is input, such as material type, driver, and quantity. The load is then integrated into Sitelink3D and can be tracked for scheduling, rerouted if needed elsewhere, and recorded once delivery is made.

Whether the material is fill dirt, removal of overburden, select material, base course or even asphalt, HT-30 can be quickly plugged in so management and reporting can be maintained in real-time. For more information on the HT-30 or Sitelink3D, visit

Topcon DS-200.  Topcon has added the DS-200 with XPointing technology to its DS line of total stations in the North American market. XPointing technology allows the DS-200 to lock on to prisms quickly, even in dim or dark conditions, Topcon said.

The DS-200 can be configured for interaction with Topcon’s RC5 remote system, which allows users up to 1000 feet (300 meters) away to easily perform a QuickLock with a push of a button, Topcon said.

As a Hybrid Positioning capable total station, the DS-200 offers the use of both GNSS positioning and optical positioning technology designed to increase field efficiency. The system can become fully robotic with Hybrid Positioning technology, which can allow shots to measured with a GNSS receiver when the line-of-sight is blocked.

Standard additional features of the DS series include LongLink communications, TSshield security and maintenance technology, MAGNET integrated software onboard, and rugged water-resistant IP65 construction.

Enterprise Solutions. Topcon Positioning Group also announced a new workflow management system designed to connect all sites, all data, crews and equipment. Topcon Enterprise Solutions offers constant communication, data sharing, scheduling, updating, supporting, and accurate productivity data in real-time, no matter where the job or the office is located.

Cloud-based Topcon Enterprise Solutions provides seamless connectivity from any office or remote user, to any site, to each enabled machine and field crew, throughout the entire project life cycle, Topcon said.

Topcon_Enterprise_SolutionsThe system is designed to allow users quicker accessibility and management of increasing volumes of data, thereby exponentially increasing a company’s efficiency. Integrating data in a cloud-based environment from Topcon software services like Sitelink3D or MAGNET allows users to make time-sensitive decisions faster.

The system can also be deployed to key partners of the company, such as engineers and sub-contractors, enabling instant updating of job files, material volumes and equipment schedules instantly with assured accuracy.

In addition to site and data management, Enterprise Solutions includes the option to activate a corporate Topcon TotalCare account, providing immediate access to online training and technical support for virtually all Topcon products.