TerraGo adds advanced features to Magic apps

August 7, 2017  - By

New features are now available for TerraGo Magic, including laser-rangefinder integration, offset data capture, Apple and Google turn-by-turn navigation, and proximity alerts. Also new is extended waypoint guidance for finding off-road assets and infrastructure.

TerraGo Magic is a zero-code platform-as-a-service that enables customers to build their own custom mobile apps without writing any code by choosing from a menu of available, field-tested features.

TerraGo Magic is also the underlying platform used to build TerraGo Edge, which includes these latest features in version 4.1, available for download from the iTunes App Store and Google Play.

“With the addition of laser positioning and offsets for remote data collection, TerraGo helps us rapidly capture high-accuracy data for more assets and infrastructure, even those in difficult to reach locations,” said Fernando Mutia, IS supervisor for San Jose Water Company.

Partnership with Laser Technology

TerraGo is now partnering with Laser Technology Inc. (LTI) to enable all custom apps built by TerraGo Magic to seamlessly utilize LTI’s professional-grade laser rangefinders.

TerraGo Magic partners and customers can now add TruPulse rangefinder support to their custom iOS and Android apps with the click of a button using the TerraGo Magic zero-code app platform.

Also, Seiler Instrument – Geospatial, a partner of both LTI and TerraGo, will now add TruPulse support to its new Field2GIS app, which was built using TerraGo Magic and is now available from iTunes and Google Play.

“We’re very happy to launch this partnership that we feel responds directly to our customers’ goals and the industry’s demand for improving the quality and productivity of their field data collection work,” said Derrick Reish, senior product manager at LTI. “By leveraging laser precision and cloud-based mobility, we can help our joint customers collect the accurate data they need at a level of efficiency that wasn’t possible just a few years ago.”

“With TerraGo Magic, we totally change the traditional way of thinking about how custom mobile app versions get built, released and upgraded,” said Dave Basil, vice president of product development at TerraGo. “When we publish a new feature in Magic, it’s immediately available to all customer apps but doesn’t force it on all customers or require an upgrade beyond their control.”

“With TerraGo Magic’s platform-as-a-service, customers can evaluate and include features based on their priorities, timeline, business requirements and users’ needs, giving them the flexibility and control of a custom solution  without the cost of custom app development,” Basil said.


TerraGo is hosting a webinar on Aug. 15 at 12 p.m. ET with a live demonstration of the latest features in TerraGo Magic Apps and TerraGo Edge.

To learn more about the technical details and operational benefits, join TerraGo and LTI in the webinar Advanced Mobile Data Collection Finds the Range with Laser-Precision, on Aug. 22 at 12 p.m. ET.