Septentrio, Esri BeLux Bring Centimeter Accuracy to Mobile GIS Apps

June 21, 2013  - By

Photo: Septentrio

Septentrio NV, the Belgian manufacturer of high-end GNSS receivers, and Esri BeLux, the regional distributor of Esri software, have joined forces to offer a user-friendly mobile solution that is accurate up to 1 centimeter. The combination of Esri software and the AsteRx-m GeoPod operates seamlessly using standard, open interfaces on any professional tablet. Used today by a major utility company, the new bundled solution allows anyone in the organization to accurately locate field assets and record geo-referenced data on the spot, Septentrio said.

The AsteRx-m GeoPod upgrades professional tablet PCs with a high accuracy GNSS receiver, giving the user access to sub-meter, or even centimeter, accurate positions without needing specialized equipment. Using a standardĀ USB connection, the AsteRx-m GeoPod can be connected to any professional tablet, giving the user free choice to select a device.

The receiver uses satellites from the GPS and GLONASS constellations to increase the availability of a high-quality position solution, even in areas with bad satellite visibility. In addition, the receiver offers innovative tracking and positioning algorithms designed for demanding professional environments.

The included RxAssitant software takes care of configuring the receiver and connecting to NTRIP-capable RTK or DGNSS networks, allowing a seamless integration with existing software applications like esri ArcGIS for mobile.

Applications for the AsteRx-m GeoPod include construction, field service, utility mapping, highway maintenance, government mapping and emergency services.