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savvy navvy, ProtectedSeas enhance marine navigation app

December 13, 2023  - By
Image: savvy navvy logo

Image: savvy navvy logo

savvy navvy has partnered with ProtectedSeas to bring ProtectedSeas Navigator data to boaters through the savvy navvy app.

After eight years of research and development, boaters and watersport users worldwide can now have access to comprehensive data and resources of ocean regulatory information, including marine protection areas, through the savvy navvy app.

ProtectedSeas Navigator provides boaters with 22,000 marine protected and managed areas in more than 220 countries. These areas include speed-limit zones to protect marine mammals, fisheries management areas and more.

ProtectedSeas compiles marine protection information into the Navigator database of marine protected areas (MPAs). It collects both large and small amounts of data and created the first public digital maps for more than 2,400 areas.

savvy navvy – often referred to as ‘Google Maps for boats’ – is an award-winning boat navigation app. It integrates multiple sustainable data sources from different conservation agencies and bodies.

Since launching its first global view of marine life protections, ProtectedSeas has been complimented by several industry-renowned leaders and bodies, including the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), Dr. Sylvia Earle, American marine biologist and oceanographer, and Gavin Newsom, governor of California.

Some ProtectedSeas data is already available in the savvy navvy app, with more to follow soon. Click here to learn more about the sustainable data or to download the app.