Trimble RTX Correction Services Now on Geo 7X Handhelds

November 3, 2014  - By
The Trimble Geo 7 series of rugged, high-accuracy GNSS handhelds will have RTK correction.

The Trimble Geo 7 series of rugged, high-accuracy GNSS handhelds will have RTX correction. Photo: Trimble

Trimble’s RTX technology-based correction services — Trimble CenterPoint RTX, Trimble RangePoint RTX, and the new Trimble ViewPoint RTX — will be available for Trimble Geo 7X handhelds. Trimble made the announcement at Trimble Dimensions.

Trimble RTX technology provides compatible GNSS receivers with correction services that significantly improve accuracy and reliability in obtaining positions worldwide. Geospatial professionals now have more flexibility to achieve the accuracy required by their highly mobile workflows in real-time, without being tied to a base station or local VRS network, Trimble said.

Available worldwide through an IP connection where cellular communication is available, Trimble RTX offers geospatial professionals flexibility in where and when they are able to work. Operational efficiency and productivity in the field is improved by delivering real-time DGNSS corrections directly to the Trimble Geo 7X handheld. Field challenges, such as obstructed satellites and inaccessible locations, are also minimized with Trimble Floodlight and Trimble Flightwave technology options for the Trimble Geo 7X.

The handheld solution is designed for a variety of industries — such as utility companies, municipalities, and environmental management agencies — in which workers are highly mobile and require a reliable, flexible data-collection and asset management solution.

“We have eliminated the complexities of managing multiple correction sources across a large geographically dispersed project or organization,” said Alain Samaha, business area director of GIS and Software for Trimble’s Geospatial Division. “By offering RTX-based correction services, we simplify their work and deliver the accuracy that our customers require.”

A choice of RTX correction services ranging from 4 centimeters to submeter-level horizontal accuracies is available. Customers can choose the appropriate Geo 7X handheld configuration with the RTX-based correction service that meets the accuracy level and capability required for their job.