Denver Airport Begins Arrivals and Departures with NextGen

May 29, 2013  - By
Image: GPS World

Denver International Airport (DIA) has fully implemented its new arrival and departure procedures, the next phase in the Federal Aviation Administration’s mass overhaul of U.S. airspace, called NextGen. Denver is among the airports at the front end of the adoption process, and is highlighted in an in-depth feature in the Denver Post.

According to the article, “The recently completed phase at DIA trims arrival and departure fuel costs by eliminating several intermediary steps. The traditional system requires an airplane to come into and out of cruising altitude by firing its thrusters at every new altitude level, wasting hundreds of pounds of fuel… The traveling public will not likely notice an immediate difference in travel time, but proponents hope that the early investment pays off in the end.”

The FAA predicts that NextGen improvements will reduce flight delays by 38 percent and lead to a 1.4-billion-gallon total reduction of fuel burn by 2020.

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