CHC Navigation unveils i80 GNSS receiver

December 11, 2015  - By

Photo: CHC Navigation CHC Navigation has announced in a news release the availability of its new GNSS receiver, the i80.

The i80 receiver for surveyors and contractors is able to compute a true triple frequency RTK tilted pole sub-centimeter solution using all four worldwide and multiple regional constellations.

“Over two years of R&D and testing went into the creation of our Linux OS i80 platform,” said George Zhao, CEO of CHC.

The i80’s LCD GUI allows for common workflow operations, such as Static Logging, AutoBase, AutoRover, and UHF channel selection to be easily performed without the need of a data collector or computer. The CHC i80 is the smallest receiver on the market with dual hot-swappable batteries, CHC says. The receiver contains a full array of sensors and modules: multiple MEMS, Internal Tx/Rx UHF, multi-band cellular modem, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Serial, USB and more.

“This innovative design will allow us to add new functionality [with over the air updates] for years by combining the sensors and modules in new ways — this is illustrated by our LCD supported work modes, and our MEMS enabled unleveled pole surveying added in the last couple months during product rollout,” Zhao said. “We are bringing GNSS in to a new era of productivity and ergonomics in a low-cost open platform allowing for unrestricted third-party integration via our i80 API.”