ANELLO Photonics releases new IMU

September 12, 2023  - By


Image: ANELLO Photonics

Image: ANELLO Photonics

ANELLO Photonics has released the ANELLO IMU+ for robust and reliable autonomous navigation and positioning in GNSS-denied or GNSS-compromised environments.

Powered by optical gyroscope technology, the ANELLO IMU+ delivers high precision and reliability in demanding conditions, including shock, vibration, electromagnetic interference and temperature. The ANELLO IMU+ is suitable for autonomous applications in the construction, robotics, mining, trucking and defense industries.

The device delivers long-term dead reckoning in high-temperature and high-vibration environments.

The ANELLO IMU+ features unaided heading drift of < 0.5°/hr, dual high-speed CAN FD interfaces, and dual RS-232 interfaces; has ASIL-D ready, automotive-qualified CPU and OS; and is IP68 waterproof, resistant to dust, salt spray and chemicals.

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