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Symmetricom Offers GPS Disciplined Atomic Oscillator Modules and High-Frequency Source Modules

April 12, 2012  - By
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Symmetricom, Inc., precision time and frequency technology company, today announced the company will sell GPS disciplined oscillator (GPSDO)┬ámodules and high-frequency source modules from Jackson Labs Technologies, Inc., a designer and manufacturer of cutting-edge precision time and frequency products. GPSDOs provide time and frequency reference signals that have the same long-term accuracy as the GPS signal itself, and also provide a “holdover” capability to maintain system synchronization when GPS reception outages occur, Symmetricom said, adding that this new set of solutions provides Symmetricom’s customers with a broader range of product options, supporting a variety of price and performance levels.

“The new GPSDO Modules and High-Frequency Source Modules are a natural extension of our existing product line and enable us to better meet our customers’ needs. Symmetricom customers can now select full instruments containing GPSDOs or board-level GPSDOs if they don’t need full instrument functionality,” said Steve Fossi, director of new business development at Symmetricom. “For systems that require an embedded GPSDO, incorporating a proven board-level GPSDO reduces design cycle time and risk compared to developing a custom solution.”

Symmetricom has the following GPSDO and source modules available for purchase:

  • GPS-1000 Std. Temp. 10 MHz OCXO-based GPSDO
  • GPS-2000 Std. Temp. 10 MHz OCXO-based GPSDO
  • GPS-2500 Std. Temp. 10 MHz DOCXO-based GPSDO
  • GPS-2550 Ext. Temp. 10 MHz DOCXO-based GPSDO
  • GPS-2600 Std. Temp. 100 MHz DOCXO-based GPSDO
  • GPS-2650 Ext. Temp. 100 MHz DOCXO-based GPSDO
  • SSM-2000 Std. Temp. 100 MHz OCXO-Source Module
  • SSM-2650 Ext. Temp. 100 MHz DOCXO-Source Module
  • GPS-2700 Std. Temp. 10 MHz CSAC-based GPSDO
  • GPS-2750 Ext. Temp. 10 MHz CSAC-based GPSDO
  • GPS-500 Low-Cost Ext. Temp. 10 MHz OCXO-based GPSDO

Today’s announcement is an extension of an existing relationship with Jackson Labs and comes one year after Jackson Labs selected Symmetricom’s Quantum(TM) SA.45s Chip Scale Atomic Clock (CSAC) as the holdover oscillator for the high-performance GPS-2700 and GPS-2750 GPSDOs. Symmetricom’s GPS-27xx GPSDOs provide capability for mission-critical applications in GPS-denied environments. Because the Quantum SA.45s CSAC provides the stability of an atomic clock with breakthrough reductions in size, weight, and power consumption, the GPS-27xx GPSDOs offer benefits in portable applications such as dismounted IED jammers, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), and man-pack radios, Symmetricom said.

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