UAV Navigation-Grupo Oesía unveils GNSS-denied navigation kit

February 21, 2024  - By
Image: UAV Navigation-Grupo Oesía

Image: UAV Navigation-Grupo Oesía

UAV Navigation-Grupo Oesía has released its GNSS-denied navigation kit designed to offer navigation capabilities in challenging environments.

The kit combines UAV Navigation’s attitude and heading reference system (AHRS), the POLAR-300, with its Visual Navigation System, the VNS01, designed to offer unmatched dead reckoning navigation capabilities with minimal drift.

The technology offers users improved navigational accuracy, with error rates as low as 0-1% over covered distances. This is made possible by the kit’s visual-based technology, which allows for precise attitude and position estimation to stabilize flights in challenging conditions. The kit is equipped with advanced algorithms that can detect and counter sophisticated spoofing and jamming techniques to offer reliable and secure navigation, even in the face of potential signal disruptions.

As technology advances and geopolitical challenges emerge, the demand for reliable and secure navigation for UAVs intensifies. Offering operational integrity in both the civil and defense sectors is paramount, especially with the rise of disruptive systems designed to interfere with radio-electronic navigation and communication.

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