Trimble Takes the Leap with GNSS Bluetooth Device

November 6, 2014  - By
The Trimble Leap, also shown with a smartphone. Photo: Trimble

The Trimble Leap, also shown with a smartphone. Photo: Trimble

Trimble is making available the Trimble Leap, a Trimble RTX compatible GNSS Bluetooth device. When enabled with the ViewPoint RTX correction service, Leap delivers submeter accuracy directly to the Terrain Navigator Pro (TNP) Mobile app for iOS and Android devices. The TNP Mobile app allows users to collect markers, tracks and geo-stamped photos in the field, and then sync all the GNSS data into the Terrain Navigator Pro office software.

The TNP Mobile app enables users to:

  • Display and navigate routes created in TNP desktop.
  • Collect field data such as markers, tracks, photos, videos and audio clips.
  • Near real-time sync between phone and TNP map software via WiFi or cellular data connection.
  • View data on topo, aerial, and street maps downloaded to phone for offline use. Terrain Navigator Pro offers 1-meter aerial photos for the 48 contiguous United States. The seamless USGS topo graphic maps are based off 1:24K, 1:100K, 1:250K map scales. Alaska is 1:63K and 1:250K.
  • Access a compass and other geo-information such as lat/long, elevation, and direction on phone.
  • Collect data offline. The TNP mobile app uses the GPS built into the smartphones, so users can collect field data in areas without a cellular or data signal.

Trimble Leap is compact and portable, weighing 9.5 ounces. It snaps to a smartphone or tablet to use as a handheld, can be mounted on a monopole or tripod, or can be magnet mounted to a vehicle. Leap has 16 hours of battery life and uses Bluetooth communication to connect to smart devices for ease of use and flexibility. An onboard micro SD card stores the GNSS observables data for use in the field or the office.

A micro USB port can provide power to Trimble Leap for continuous fixed-mount applications, or it can be used with battery-booster products to extend field work. Trimble Leap is charged by a standard cell phone vehicle accessory charger, a USB connection to a PC, or from a USB AC adapter.

Based on Trimble RTX (Real Time eXtended) technology, ViewPoint RTX delivers better than 1 meter horizontal accuracy 95 percent of the time without the use of a traditional RTK base station or virtual reference station network. ViewPoint RTX is delivered into the TNP Mobile app via cellular data network and is available nearly anywhere in the world.

“Trimble Leap enhances the Terrain Navigator Pro solution by adding a simple way to collect submeter accurate geolocation data with standard Android or iOS devices. Adding accuracy to TNP’s robust field-to-office data collection solution provides a value-add where low-resolution collection is not sufficient. Trimble Leap with TNP Mobile is configured and operational in minutes with little training,” said Larry Fox, business area manager for Terrain Navigator Pro.

Terrain Navigator Pro integrates powerful desktop mapping software, a cloud connected mobile data collection platform (compatible with GPS-enabled iOS and Android devices) and a robust Web portal. TNP users can plan projects in the office, collect data in the field and access projects from the Web—simultaneously. Geo-referenced data such as tracks, waypoints, photographs and video can be shared, updated in near real-time and displayed on the included topographic, aerial/satellite or street base maps.

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  1. Alan says:

    Nice to see another option to the GNSS Bluetooth devices. We are testing GENEQ sxBlue II GNSS that cost us $2,800 with similar specs. Interested in seeing how this Trimble device compares in costs and performance.

    • Charlie Farley says:

      At the very recent Trimble Dimensions convention in Vegas they were spruiking the Leap would cost less than US$1000 with the RTX subscription about $400.

  2. kris says:

    All: We have launched more details today on the Trimble Leap. Final price is $999, which includes the GNSS receiver, mobile apps, and subscription services. Customers get 60 days of Trimble ViewPoint RTX and after that it is $150 per year.

    We are launching soon for Android devices. With iOS (iPhone and iPad) support to follow.

    Kris @ Trimble