Topcon upgrades TSS network

February 26, 2024  - By

Photo:Topcon Positioning Systems’ U.S.-based Topcon Solutions Store (TSS) network now offers the Topcon Layout Navigator (LN) combined with HP SitePrint. The integration aims to advance construction automation and efficiency for a wide range of professionals including general contractors and mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) contractors.

Integrating Topcon’s LN-150 with HP SitePrint’s autonomous robotic unit that prints site layout plans directly on construction floors aims to advance construction technology. The solution is designed to streamline the site layout process, which is to save time and cost by replacing manual layout methods with digital precision.

The LN-150 supports Wi-Fi and long-range Bluetooth communication. It is also compatible with cloud-based workflows to offer precise 3D layout capabilities that are increasingly vital due to labor shortages.

TSS now offers the solution across its 20-state network. Click here to learn more.