New Topcon robotic total station system built for survey and construction workflows

October 14, 2020  - By
According to Topcon, the new total stations are part of a full workflow solution. (Photo: Topcon)

The GT-1200 robotic total station (Photo: Topcon)

Topcon Positioning Group has debuted a new series of robotic total stations for survey, construction and machine control applications. The GT-1200 and GT-600 total stations are available in multiple accuracy levels.

The new the GT series of total stations are part of a full workflow solution, including a new field computer, a full-version update to Topcon field and office software and GNSS receivers. The system is designed to work in sync for improved performance and better data handling with built-in, field-to-office connectivity.

The speed, tracking and accuracy of the GT series, combined with the intuitive software system, creates a flexible solution capable of satisfying the technology needs of surveyors and contractors performing survey, layout or machine guidance projects, Topcon said.

“The new total stations perform at a faster 10-Hz positioning update rate,” said Ray Kerwin, director of global product planning. “Combining the GT series with the new field computer and software enhancements, this tracking improvement makes layout easier and guidance more fluid, within an intuitive map view. More layout and survey points can be collected in less time.”

“Surveyors, contractors, as well as heavy machinery automation operators and other construction professionals can benefit from the time-savings and accuracy the series provides,” Kerwin said.

Advanced UltraTrac prism tracking combines optical sensing with a new ultrasonic motor control algorithm designed to maintain superior prism lock.

“Tracking fast-moving targets and maintaining prism lock is now easier on challenging job sites as well as in machine guidance applications. If you’re performing a machine control project where the prism is vibrating on the end of the blade, for instance, the GT will lock onto the prism better and provide smoother machine guidance,” Kerwin said.

Magnet software improves field-based quality reporting and data handling for larger files, graphical processing, and 3D models. Magnet Field features more visual- and map-based workflows in addition to menu-driven functionality popular with power users.

An optional upgrade incorporating hybrid positioning technology helps advanced users get instant location updates via GNSS receivers so positioning data points can be captured, even with the loss of line-of-sight from job site obstructions.

The complete GT series workflow solution — Magnet software, FC-6000 field computer, and HiPer Series GNSS receivers — combine for easy-to-use digital processes designed to help surveyors and contractors increase precision, reduce rework and improve quality control.

More on the series and solutions is available at

Photo: Topcon

Photo: Topcon

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