Topcon announces robotic-based system for concrete paving

March 1, 2016  - By
Image: GPS World

Topcon Positioning Group is offering a local positioning system (LPS) for concrete paving. The LPS Paving System is designed to provide a stringless paving solution in conditions when GNSS signals are blocked or unavailable.

It uses multiple Topcon PS series robotic total stations — tracking two prisms mounted to the concrete paver — for steering and elevation control.

“This robotic-based system does not encounter sensor outages from bridges and tight paving lanes, including sound walls and active traffic on a mainline project, which could be a problem using GPS,” said Brian Lingobardo, Topcon­ 3D road construction systems manager.

The LPS system uses the new MC-i4 receiver with LongLink for local communications between the robots.

“Multiple robots can be setup ahead of time for seamless transitions and without the need to stop to switch total stations. Often a contractor needs to minimize stoppage to achieve tight ride specifications on projects such as tollways,” Lingobardo said.

“The robots provide very accurate data to the paver’s control system and in turn the results are very impressive,” said Lingobardo.


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  1. Wiliam K. says:

    The same system would probably easily adapt to controlling an atomic powered nuclear paving system that would run constantly. Thus the smooth transitioning would be a large benefit. The atomic powered system does need to run constantly, but offsetting that inconvenience is that the jobs get done in much less time. The challenge is in the logistics of the preparation. That part does not change.