Topcon Adds Vanguard Technology to GRS-1 Receiver

October 17, 2013  - By
Photo: Topcon

Photo: Topcon

Topcon Positioning Group has added Vanguard technology to the GRS-1 handheld GNSS receiver and field controller.

“With the addition of Vanguard technology, the GRS-1 fully integrated, dual-constellation, network-enabled receiver and controller optimizes tracking and performance regardless of job site conditions or location,” Scott Langbein, director of product marketing, said.

Topcon’s 226-channel Vanguard technology with Universal Tracking allows each individual GNSS channel to be fully optimized to track any of the available satellite signals that are supported in today’s GNSS receivers.

The GRS-1 can be used in various configurations from handheld to network enabled RTK measurement, and grade management. “The system can be configured to perform at various levels of accuracy that fit any budget and application,” Langbein said. Choices include centimeter level, sub-decimeter and sub-meter, with accuracy upgradeability options available.

Working with Topcon’s Magnet suite of software products, “the GRS-1 streamlines the workflow for surveyors, contractors, engineers and mapping professionals,” Langbein said.

The GRS-1 with Vanguard has DGPS capability with the internal single frequency antenna for use in GIS and navigation applications. Add the external antenna and connect a GRS-1 rover to a local GNSS network, or Topcon Magnet Relay, for centimeter accuracy RTK performance. Magnet Relay allows a mobile base receiver to host up to 10 rovers through the Magnet Enterprise “cloud.”

The GRS-1 has an optional 2MP built-in camera, integrated SD memory card slot, and includes an optional internal GSM or CDMA cellular modem and internal GNSS antenna, plus wireless connectivity via wireless LAN or Bluetooth technology.

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