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TomTom’s New Devices Have Lifetime Maps, Speed Cameras

May 1, 2015  - By
TomTom is introducing Lifetime World Maps and Lifetime Speed Cameras to drivers with the launch of four new TomTom navigation devices.

TomTom is introducing Lifetime World Maps and Lifetime Speed Cameras to drivers with the launch of four new TomTom navigation devices.

TomTom is introducing Lifetime World Maps and Lifetime Speed Cameras to drivers with the launch of new TomTom navigation devices. Lifetime World Maps allow people to drive with maps from around the world at no extra cost, for the lifetime of their TomTom GO device2. Lifetime Speed Cameras let drivers know the locations of all speed cameras — both fixed and mobile, also for the lifetime of the device.

The TomTom GO 510, 610, 5100 and 6100 feature a fully interactive screen to pinch, zoom and swipe — as well as a rich user interface, simplified user interaction, 3D Maps and a Click & Go mount. Drivers can also choose between a 5-inch or a 6-inch screen size, TomTom said. The new TomTom GO devices also include “Drive Home” and “Drive to Work” buttons in the main menu, for faster, simpler navigation.

TomTom GO devices combine real-time traffic information with routing technology, to always offer drivers the fastest route available. TomTom Traffic covers all mapped roads and combines data from millions of data sources, from all over the world, to deliver traffic information so accurate that, with each new update, it can pinpoint the start and end of a traffic jam, precisely, down to 10 meters.

“With the addition of Lifetime World Maps and Lifetime Speed Cameras to our new TomTom GO devices, we’re offering the most comprehensive package to drivers that we’ve ever launched,” said Corinne Vigreux, co-founder and managing director, TomTom Consumer. “Our aim is to help you avoid the jams, getting to your destination faster, wherever in the world you might be.”

Lifetime TomTom Traffic is available via a smartphone connection on the TomTom GO 510 and 610. The TomTom GO 5100 and 6100 offer Lifetime TomTom Traffic via a built-in SIM with unlimited data and roaming at no extra cost.

The new TomTom navigation devices are compatible with TomTom MyDrive4. For the first time, drivers can use their smartphone, tablet or PC to review real-time traffic information, plan routes, and send destinations to their TomTom GO, before they get in the car. Previously launched TomTom GO devices5 are also compatible with MyDrive though a simple software update. Find out more about TomTom MyDrive here.

The new TomTom GO devices are now available online and in-store from €199.95.

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  1. DTH says:

    As an existing TomTom User – yes they do still have a place in this world. Travelling through Europe mobile data is expensive – Thus the TomTom Go 6000 was a perfect device – aside from its software issues and stripped back route planning Oh not to mention the missing POI. It was more like a BETA Test that we had to live with.

    But now with the latest release the software seems so far to be quite impressive, finding the address on my laptop and that beaming straight to my device is cool!! I updated my TomTom and was Happy Until that was until I found out about the GO6100 its a Go 6000 with Unlimited SpeedCameras, World Maps and unlimited Traffic.

    What the existing users want is an upgrade path to essentially get the GO6100 functionality – Not even asking this to be free as I just purchased a years subscription for the SpeedCameras (Before the new products were released).

    See the Discussion here :

    #TomTom #TomTomUsersUnloved Maybe #tomtombandit #WhatNext Will get their attention, as a Tomtom Lover #WhatNext will they do to abuse their product fans? – I love My TomTom but I am hurting from this release.

    FYI this will be going up in multiple places to try and get the attention of TomTom to look after and not abuse their users.