TerraStar GNSS Establishes Base at Nottingham University’s GRACE Facility

August 12, 2013  - By

TerraStar GNSS, a supplier of precision positioning services for land and near-shore applications, has established a base at Nottingham University’s GNSS Research and Applications Centre of Excellence (GRACE). GRACE operates operates under the auspices of its Institute of Engineering Surveying & Space Geodesy (IESSG).

TerraStar GNSS maintains and controls a worldwide network of more than 80 GPS and GLONASS DGNSS reference stations and associated control centers on behalf of a diverse range of users. Under the collaborative venture, TerraStar GNSS will contribute and have access to GRACE’s support facilities. These include customized incubation units, project offices, state-of-the-art test equipment, secure research and development laboratories, and dedicated training suites.

Expected projects include joint research and development of new GNSS-type solutions, in addition to provision of support for continued commercial exploitation of academic research endeavors. Also available will be mutual access to general geospatial expertise consistent with TerraStar GNSS’ present capability of providing year-round meter and decimeter-levels of precision for both land and aerial survey applications using software and a series of advanced purpose-designed integrated receivers.

Headed by General Manager Gary Wilcock, TerraStar GNSS’s new base facilities are at Office A03, The Nottingham Geospatial Building, University of Nottingham Innovation Park, Triumph Road, Nottingham NG7 2TU, UK.