Tallysman Introduces Wideband Embedded GNSS Antennas

September 1, 2015  - By

Photo: Tallysman

Tallysman, a manufacturer of economical high-performance GNSS antennas, has announced a new series of L1 band Accutenna wideband antennas for OEM applications. The antennas are offered in three formats for reception of GPS; GPS + GLONASS; or Galileo + GPS + GLONASS + BeiDou.

Each antenna type features Tallysman’s Accutenna technology, which provides high rejection of multi-path signals, with low axial ratios, and tight Phase Center Variations (PCV). Each is available with a brickwall pre-filter option to protect against saturation by high level sub-harmonic and L-Band signals.

Here are what each antenna in the new line covers:

  • The TW2106 is designed to receive GPS L1. TW2108 is the brick-wall pre-filtered version.
  • The TW2406 is designed to receive GPS + GLONASS. TW2408 is the brick-wall pre-filter version.
  • The TW2706 is designed to receive all of Galileo, BeiDou, GPS + GLONASS. TW2708 is the brick-wall pre-filter version.

The antenna PCBs are each 56 mm in diameter with four plated holes for secure mounting. They are available with a variety of connectors and custom cable lengths. The antennas can be custom tuned to ensure optimal performance within customers’ enclosures. All of them are REACH and ROHS compliant.

INTERGEO Announcement

At INTERGEO in Stuttgart, Tallysman will be announcing the availability of patented new GNSS antenna technology that it said is proving to:

  • Produce the lowest axial ratios from horizon to horizon through all azimuths and across all GNSS frequencies
  • Produce sub-millimetre Phase Centre Variation (PCV) through all elevations, all azimuths, and across all GNSS frequencies
  • Be lighter weight, smaller size, and more economical than other reference and geodetic antennas
  • Have the unique feature of having room within the antenna base to house customers’ circuitry.

Tallysman’s booth at INTERGEO will be in Hall E8, Booth 038. Follow GPS World on Twitter for the latest news from INTERGEO.

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