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Figure 1: The side-facing horn antenna in its radome enclosure (left panel) and the hardware block diagram of the data collection system (right panel). (All figures provided by the authors)

Using GNSS Phase Reflectometry on Maui’s Haleakalā

November 17, 2023


Inexpensive sensor created to monitor Rhine river levels

November 28, 2022

FIGURE 1b. Map visualization of the comparison among position solutions computed using only GPS, only Galileo and a combined GPS plus Galileo dual-constellation solution at CU Boulder. (Image: Authors)

Innovation: Monitoring GNSS interference and spoofing — a low-cost approach

August 17, 2022

Photo: Trimble

UC Denver to establish Trimble lab for College of Engineering, Design and Computing

December 1, 2020

Dr. Y Jade Morton

Jade Morton honored with ION’s Kepler Award

September 25, 2020

Credit: Jared B. Bancroft, Valérie Renaudin, Aiden Morrison, and Gérard Lachapelle

Concept3D reveals 2019 innovative map award winners

February 27, 2020