Syntony doubles multi-GNSS simulation solution computation power

August 28, 2023  - By
Image: Syntony

Image: Syntony

Syntony GNSS has doubled the SDR L1C/A equivalent signals of its multi-GNSS simulation solution, Constellator.

With Constellator’s computation power doubled from 660 L1C/A equivalent signals to 1200, users can simulate a complex RF environment for GNSS testing with a powerful and high-fidelity machine, the company said. Additionally, users can now test equipment with multiple traditional GNSS constellations and new ones to come, such as Xona’s PULSAR.

As a result of doubled computation, massive new constellations can be simulated. When fully deployed, the Xona constellation will count hundreds of satellites on multiple bands, in complex RF environments including specific atmospheric parameters, jamming, spoofing and multipath. It also introduces the controlled reception pattern antenna (CRPA) testing capacities of the device, when the demand is increasing for resilient multi-GNSS and low-Earth orbit (LEO) position, navigation and timing (PNT) solutions.

Syntony said it was the first PNT services provider to integrate all Xona demo signals into Constellator, in 2022. However, to offer a full testing solution, Syntony also developed a Xona-enabled GNSS receiver.