Symmetricom Expands SyncWorld Program to Power Utilities

October 17, 2013  - By
SyncWorld will enable power utilities to react in real time to outages and alert users to contingency plans.

SyncWorld will enable power utilities to react in real time to outages and alert users to contingency plans.

Symmetricom has introduced a new category to its SyncWorld Ecosystem Program dedicated to the power utility industry. Developed to support integration and interoperability among power utility and Symmetricom solutions, the SyncWorld Power Ecosystem aims to facilitate unified deployments of timing and synchronization in substation modernization and synchrophasor applications.

As power utilities shift to the Smart Grid, they gain the ability to monitor in real time, allowing for proactive operations control. Advanced synchronization and timing enable power equipment to operate more efficiently and closer to its operational limits.

For example, one microsecond accuracy is required by the phasor measurement unit (PMU) for real-time network situational awareness and overall operational efficiency. Without accurate time stamps, PMU data has limited value. For power utility companies, that translates into enhanced network utilization rates as well as smarter management and mixing of renewable and traditional power sources.

Symmetricom also introduced the SyncServer SGC-1500 Smart Grid Clock to provide power utility companies accurate, secure and reliable timing.

The introduction of the SyncWorld power segment is expected to drive collaboration and innovation among the industry’s leading power utility vendors. To participate in the program, vendors work with Symmetricom to develop a joint solution, complete successful solution testing, and commit to ongoing technical and business activities to ensure joint success.

Interoperability is a key requirement to join the program. Using various test cases with a defined standard for testing, Symmetricom focuses its assessment on the performance of a product’s IEEE 1588 power profile. During testing, Symmetricom clocks act as the master clocks, switches act as transparent clocks, and IED/PMU products act as slave clocks.

Watch a video about the program here.

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