Nexteq Releases RTK Float Augmentation for T6 Handheld

April 4, 2012  - By
Image: GPS World

Nexteq, based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, announces the release of its new RTK-F (Real Time Kinematic Float) positioning augmentation system for its T6 GNSS handheld (at right). RTK-F is well suited for demanding applications by providing the highest accuracy available for the T6, Nexteq Navigation said. With RTK-F, the T6 reaches a consistent 20-centimeter accuracy level, further improving upon the unit’s sub-meter level accuracy currently available with Nexteq’s Freedom or i-PPP point positioning technologies. The addition of RTK-F further enhances the flexibility of the T6 platform.

The T6 RTK-F augmentation system utilizes RTCM messages with code and phase corrections from reference networks or stand-alone base stations. These corrections can then be transmitted over the Internet with non-proprietary hardware, drastically improving efficiency and giving freedom of movement to the user with minimal latency, Nexteq said. Further, Nexteq Navigation’s upcoming T5A GNSS handheld can be used as a reference base station for RTK-F, eliminating the need for costly subscriptions to corrections from commercial sources.

Like all Nexteq Navigation handhelds, the T6 is a ruggedized and tough unit. The T6 has an IP66 rating with excellent dust and water resistance, Nexteq said.

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