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Spectracom’s VelaSync offers grandmaster, server and sync in one

June 2, 2016  - By
Spectracom's VelaSync time server and grandmaster clock.

Spectracom’s VelaSync time server and grandmaster clock.

Spectracom’s VelaSync high-speed time server offers high-performance synchronization for time-sensitive networks. It is designed for high frequency trading and other low-latency network applications.

Matching network speeds between timing and data on a single low-latency high-throughput network enhances synchronization accuracy and eliminates queuing delays and hidden time errors caused by slower connections. The availability of a network timing appliance with 40 GbE interfaces benefits deployment of critical network infrastructure at high-speed data rates.

When the VelaSync time server platform was introduced in 2014, it met the needs of financial trading networks’ move to 10 gigabit-per-second networking. Spectracom’s precision GPS timing technology, software from its partner FSMLabs and modular server hardware enable it to meet the needs of high-frequency trading and other low-latency network applications.

VelaSync Features

  • PTP + NTP on all ports
  • Low hundreds of nanoseconds accuracy
  • 1G/10G/25G/40G Ethernet solves network queueing problems (silent time errors)
  • High-quality GPS-disciplined clock source
  • Rubidium atomic clock option
  • Single-pane-of-glass enterprise sync management
  • Time Intelligence Platform gathers statistics from clients, detects problems
  • Map time network topology
  • Multiple time sources for redundancy/security
  • Configuration via web interface

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