Spectracom adds resiliency for military communications system

July 25, 2016  - By


Secondary receiver uses eLoran to back up GPS time

Spectracom has been selected to provide Interference, Detection and Mitigation (IDM) capability to its SecureSync precision time and frequency reference system to support Rohde & Schwarz Benelux B.V. and the Netherlands Ministry of Defence for secure long-range military communications systems.

The upgrade, which is based on a secondary receiver that extracts precision timing signals from the eLoran system when GPS signals are not available, will increase the reliability of the overall communication system by further enhancing the resiliency of the precision timing core.

As part of its expanding set of resilient PNT solutions, Spectracom systems synchronize to a variety of precision references whenever and wherever available.

In this deployment, signals from the eLoran system are constantly monitored and act as the primary reference when GNSS signals are not available due to interference or jamming. This new capability supports the goal of a sustainable and reliable network for ongoing global operations.

The modularity of the SecureSync precision time and frequency platform allows customers and integrators to easily and incrementally increase system capabilities, such as multiple reference signals, as they become available.

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