senseFly mapping and survey UAVs come with Skyward safety tools

July 12, 2016  - By

Skyward and senseFly are partnering to deliver a custom operations management software and consulting services package for senseFly aircraft.

The package, available for customers in North America through the senseFly distribution network or Skyward, gives operators a preconfigured Skyward account with senseFly flight log import, senseFly manuals, customized pre­flight checklists, and other information specific to senseFly operations.

These features are part of the Skyward drone operations management platform that includes up-to-date airspace information and tools to plan and log flight; manage personnel, equipment and flight hours; and meet regulatory reporting requirements.

Customers will also have access to a team of regulatory and drone operations experts and benefit from Skyward expertise to define their flight operations procedures and write related operating manuals.

“Ensuring the highest level of safety and ease of use has always been essential in the design of our lightweight drones,” said Jean ­Christophe Zufferey, senseFly CEO. “By providing easy access to Skyward, we are now extending this seamless experience toward operation and fleet management. Our professional customers will get an elegant and efficient way to keep up with the constantly evolving regulations, while making sure they operate their fleet of drones efficiently and in full compliance.”

Operators using Skyward and senseFly together are able to meet regulatory compliance and insurance requirements. The partnership will create an end-­to-­end solution that delivers professional results for drone operators in mapping, surveying, GIS, industrial inspection and agriculture.

“Businesses operate drones because they return value, and senseFly builds some of the best professional drones in the industry to provide that value,” said Jonathan Evans, Skyward CEO. “Many of our customers are flying eBee and albris drones already because, quite simply, they get the job done. We will continue to deepen the technical integration across our platforms to provide a seamless and elegant user experience for our joint users.”

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The eBee drone by senseFly.

The eBee drone by senseFly.