SkyTraq Launches Miniature Programmable GNSS Receiver Module

April 11, 2014  - By

SkyTraq‘s new family of high-performance system-in-package (SiP) GNSS receiver modules supports GPS, GLONASS, Beidou, QZSS and SBAS.The modules integrate SkyTraq Venus8 positioning engine, 1MByte Flash memory, LNA, SAW filter, high precision 0.5ppm TCXO, RTC crystal, and other passive components within tiny 10mm x 10mm x 1.3mm package. The smallest configuration requires only antenna and power to have position fix and generate NMEA output.

This new 10mm x 10m sized GNSS module family consists of Venus858F-GL GPS/GLONASS receiver module, Venus858F-BD GPS/Beidou receiver module, and Venus838F GPS receiver module. All three modules support additional QZSS and SBAS signal. The three modules are pin compatible; one application design works for all three models.

Within the consumer and industrial GNSS segment, these modules feature industry’s fastest 50Hz GPS, 20Hz GPS/Beidou, and 20Hz GPS/GLONASS update rate, 29sec cold start TTFF, and better than -160dBm tracking sensitivity.

Module interface includes two UART, four SPI, one 2-wire interface (I2C compliant), and two PWM among the 28 function-multiplexed digital I/O. A customized Arduino IDE can be used to program the modules, making use of the on-chip peripherals and sharing the internal 32bit RISC, IEEE-754 compliant FPU, and memory resources. Venus838F GPS module has roughly 50MIPS + 490KByte Flash + 45KByte RAM available for user programming.

Optimized for lowest bill of material cost, the dime-sized modules are designed for high-volume cost-sensitive GNSS applications. Combined with properly tuned antenna fitted to customer’s application design, it provides optimal performance at lowest system cost.

To lower barrier of adopting latest satellite navigation technology, the traditionally higher-priced GPS/GLONASS and GPS/Beidou receiver modules are offered at same price as the GPS receiver module.

Volume delivery of all three modules to customers begins in May 2014; engineering sample, datasheet, reference design, and evaluation kits are available now.