SkyTraq launches low-power RTK receiver

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SkyTraq Technology Inc.Photo: SkyTraq Technology Inc., developer of high-performance chipset and module solutions for the GNSS market, unveiled its new S2525F8-RTK low-power, single frequency RTK receiver for applications requiring centimeter-level accuracy positioning.

S2525F8-RTK is a multi-constellation GNSS RTK receiver that can use 12 GPS, eight SBAS, six BDS, and one QZSS signal. In situations where an RTK fix is not possible, a Float RTK mode can be used for decimeter-level accuracy positioning.

A moving-base mode supports a precise heading GPS compass application. The receiver is 25 millimeters by 25 millimeters form factor, weighs 3 grams and consumes 250 milliwatts of power for any outdoor mobile applications requiring high precision RTK positioning, SkyTraq reported in a news release.

S2525F8-RTK supports both base station and rover modes. As a rover, it receives RTCM (Radio Technical Commission for Maritime Services) 3.0 or 3.1 data from a base station — or raw measurements from another S2525F8-RTK receiver serving as base station — and performs carrier phase RTK processing to achieve relative positioning with 1 centimeter plus 1 part-per-million position accuracy with 10-kilometer baseline. Decimeter-level accuracy for over 10-kilometer baseline can be achieved using the Float RTK mode. Two S2525F8-RTK receivers can be used to form a GPS compass that provides better accuracy and more reliable heading solution than conventional digital magnetometers that’s affected by changes in the magnetic environment, according to SkyTraq.

A $50 NS-HP evaluation board is available for evaluation and integration into portable survey equipment, unmanned vehicles, machine control applications and robotic guidance applications. The standard NMEA-navsat-driver package of Robot Operating System (ROS) works directly with NS-HP, enabling accessible centimeter-level accuracy positioning for robotic applications, SkyTraq says.

S2525F8-RTK is now in mass production.

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  1. Christoph Enzmann says:

    > consumes 250 megawatts of power

    The eval board (NS-HP) only supports GPS.