SkyTraq introduces automotive-grade dead-reckoning receiver

August 17, 2021  - By
Photo: SkyTraq

Photo: SkyTraq

SkyTraq Technology Inc. has launched a GNSS/inertial measurement unit (IMU) suitable for both automotive pre-installation and aftermarket.

The robust PX1120D dead-reckoning module integrates a 6-axis IMU and a concurrent quad-GNSS chipset, forming a sensor-fusion solution that maximizes positioning accuracy even in challenging environments. The PX1120D receives concurrent GPS/GLONASS/Galileo/Beidou/QZSS signals.

For automotive pre-installation applications where vehicle wheel-tick signals are available, the PX1120D provides wheel-tick sensor fusion with automotive dead-reckoning. In aftermarket applications where wheel-tick signals are unavailable, the PX1120D provides an untethered dead-reckoning sensor-fusion solution.

A single PX1120D module provides both automotive and untethered dead-reckoning functionality, simplifying logistics. The PX1120D provides 100% position coverage. It is suitable for infotainment systems, telematics control units, vehicle tracking, and advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) applications that require the highest performance and reliability, as well as uninterrupted positioning.

The PX1120D supports flexible mounting in any orientation. Its auto-calibration feature simplifies the installation procedure.

The 12 x 16 mm PX1120D offers continuous navigation in tunnels and underground parking lots. It can output attitude, gyroscope and accelerometer sensor data, making it useful for black-box driver behavior monitoring and insurance accident reconstruction.

The PX1120D uses an AEC-Q100 qualified chipset and is manufactured in ISO/TS-16949 certified plants. An engineering sample, evaluation kit and datasheet will be available by the end of August. Volume delivery to customers begins in the fourth quarter of this year.

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