Skydio reveals remote UAV operations technology

October 26, 2023  - By
Image: Skydio

Image: Skydio

Skydio has released the Skydio Remote Flight Deck,  a new feature that allows remote control of Skydio X10 UAVs through a web browser over cellular networks. The remote flight deck offers an easy transition of flight control between local and remote pilots to continuous situational awareness via live streaming.

This solution allows operators to command UAVs from either indoors or outdoors, which can benefit public safety, utilities, construction, and transportation sectors.

When rapid response is crucial — such as in law enforcement activities, search and rescue operations or firefighting — UAVs can offer faster, more effective reactions. They can expedite infrastructure assessments, assist in determining recovery priority levels and ensure community safety.

The Skydio Remote Flight Deck allows for faster UAV deployment compared to traditional emergency response vehicles. In potentially dangerous scenarios, a ground officer can delegate flight control to a remote pilot, ensuring localized situational awareness.

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