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SBG Systems Releases Apogee Series of MEMS Inertial Navigation Systems

February 18, 2015  - By
Source: GPS world staff

SBG Systems’ Apogee-N.

SBG Systems has released the Apogee Series, its most accurate inertial navigation systems based on robust and cost-effective MEMS technology. The INS/GNSS integrates the latest generation of MEMS sensors and a tri-frequency GNSS receiver. Apogee achieves 0.008° in roll and pitch in real-time and 0.005° in post-processing. With two antennas, it delivers a robust and accurate heading.

Four models compose the Apogee line.

  • The Apogee-A provides only orientation data.
  • The Apogee-N additionally embeds a GNSS receiver; it is a compact solution with one antenna for land and aerial applications.
  • The Apogee-D embeds a dual-antenna GNSS receiver for accurate heading under low dynamics conditions.
  • The Apogee-E delivers navigation data when connected to an external GNSS receiver or to the SplitBox with integrated GNSS.

Mobile Mapping. Apogee can be precisely synchronized with LiDAR equipment because of a UTC time-stamping accurate to 1 microsecond. This integrated INS/GNSS provides optimal position in multipath environment or during GNSS outages, thanks to a tight GNSS integration and the continuous fusion of inertial and odometer data. To get the required positioning accuracy, Apogee supports RTK and Precise Point Positioning services (Omnistar, Terrastar, and more).

Aerial Mapping and Remote Sensing. With very low noise gyroscopes, low latency, and high resistance to vibrations, the Apogee allows aerial surveys by plane or helicopter. It provides real-time orientation and position data with direct fusion of inertial and GNSS information. Compact, lightweight and low power, the Apogee is easy to install, and has an embedded web interface for configuration.

Post-processing. Orientation and position data can be recorded in the Apogee data logger. At the office, the user imports data in the post-processing software. This tool gives access to several RTK networks and reference station offline data (such as VRS and CORS.) Additionally, it enhances orientation and position accuracy by a complete “backward/forward” calculation.

“SBG Systems manufactures inertial systems from the concept to the production. The Apogee benefits from our high level of expertise in integrated design, IMU calibration, testing, and filtering,” said Alexis Guinamard, CTO of SBG Systems.

All models are available for order. Below is a promotional video with more information.

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