Russian Company Credo-Dialogue Releases GNSS Software

March 18, 2015  - By
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The Russian company Credo-Dialogue has released Credo GNSS 1.0, a GNSS processing software.

Credo GNSS 1.0 is designed for processing of satellite geodetic measurements in differential mode. In this mode, the simultaneous operation of two or more receivers forms the baseline.

The input can use the following types of data:

  • satellite geodetic measurements and ephemeris format RINEX (2.0-3.2);
  • satellite geodetic measurements and ephemeris formats satellite geodetic receivers (in accordance with the import module);
  • import point coordinates from text files in any format, user-configurable;
  • precise ephemeris (can be downloaded automatically to the time span of the project); and
  • raster image formats BMP, GIF, TIFF (GeoTIFF), JPEG, JPEG2000, PNG, CRF, ECW and RSW.

Also in the program, users can view images from web services such as Google Maps, Bing and Express Kosmosnimki.

Credo GNSS supports a variety of coordinate systems, including Transverse Mercator, Mercator, PseudoMercator, Lambert Conformal Conic and Orthographic.

To learn more about the software, click here or view the video below.

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