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Russia commissions GLONASS station in Nicaragua

April 7, 2017  - By
Image: GPS World

On April 6, Russia commissioned a new GLONASS ground station in Managua, Nicaragua — its first in Central America.

The station was created under a Jan. 26, 2012, agreement between the two countries to cooperate in the exploration and use of outer space for peaceful purposes.

GLONASS consists of 24 satellites orbiting at a medium height of 19140 km in three planes with inclination of 64.8 degrees. Access to navigation signals of GLONASS is provided to consumers across the globe free of charge and without restriction.

The station in Nicaragua is part of a global network that will monitor performance of all GNSS — GLONASS, GPS, Galileo and BeiDou.

Monitoring stations help ensure interoperability of the GLONASS system with other navigation systems and improves accuracy and reliability. It will also contribute to a precise global coordinate system, which is a key element of many international scientific programs, such as a global Earth monitoring program implemented by the International Association of Geodesy.

The information received by the station will be used for the Nicaraguan side of the self-control characteristics of navigation systems, refinement of its national system of coordinates, as well as for high-precision navigation services in order to improve the efficiency of agriculture, used in construction, aviation, navigation and scientific research.

The opening ceremony of the station was attended by a delegation of the government space state corporation Roscosmos, headed by the general director Igor Komarov, Russian ambassador to Nicaragua Andrew Buda, representative of the president of Nicaragua Laureano Ortega, and other officials.

“Our cooperation with Russia shows the kind of results we can achieve together in a short time, when there is the political will and technical capacity,” Ortega said. “This station is very important for Nicaragua and Central America as a whole. The use of the data will enrich all areas of industry and science of Nicaragua. ”

“The history of our cooperation in space activities has wonderful traditions, but today what we are doing together is a serious new step, important for modern society,” Komarov said. “In Nicaragua, the ground station will start operating GLONASS global navigation system, which embodies the most advanced technologies in the creation of navigation systems that will significantly improve the navigation performance of work on a global scale. This is the first GLONASS station in Central America, and it starts to work in Managua, which indicates the level of understanding of Russia and Nicaragua. “

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