Septentrio expands UAV ecosystem for reliable GNSS positioning

April 23, 2024  - By


Photo: Septentrio

Photo: Septentrio

Septentrio is closely working with several UAV solutions providers including 3DR, Holybro, ARK Electronics and Systork, resulting in various new products that allow for easier prototyping or integration of the Septentrio mosaic GNSS receiver into UAVs.

mosaic is a compact triple-frequency receiver leveraging signals from all available GNSS constellations to offer the highest degree of positioning availability, even under challenging conditions. Built-in anti-jamming and anti-spoofing technology protects mosaic against intentional or unintentional interference. A high level of positioning reliability is also required by UAVs, which operate in challenging environments such as around high structures, under foliage or in places of possible RF interference. In addition to collaborations with hardware integrators, Septentrio works closely with the open-source autopilot community including PX4 and Ardupilot, which aims to facilitate a smooth integration process for end-users.

The recently available products, which are designed to bring reliable high-accuracy positioning to UAVs, include Holybro H-RTK mosaic-H (dual antenna heading), 3DR mosaic-X5 CAN GPS, Systork Linnet mosaic-X5 and ARK mosaic-x5 GPS. These products offer UAV-centered features such as magnetometer, barometer and UAV CAN communication. The integrated mosaic module receives signals from all GNSS constellations and outputs centimeter-level RTK positioning as well as full GNSS carrier raw data

Dual antenna operation is also supported with mosaic-H for heading and pitch or heading and roll orientation with sub-degree accuracy. Its anti-interference technology AIM+ is designed to protect the system from malicious jamming and spoofing attacks and reduces the risk of self-interference which occurs when nearby electronics like cameras and servos accidentally emit radio signals that interfere with GPS/GNSS.

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