RIEGL launches three airborne survey systems

November 30, 2023  - By

RIEGL has released three airborne survey products. The three systems are designed to enhance sensor performances and capabilities in various segments, from terrestrial, to mobile and airborne applications.

RIEGL VQX-2 – Helicopter pod for airborne surveying

Image: RIEGL

Image: RIEGL

The VQX-2 helicopter pod is  designed for airborne data collection. It integrates a RIEGL laser scanner, a high-performance IMU/GNSS unit, and up to five cameras. It also can be easily mounted and dismounted onto UAVs.

The VQX-2 can be used in a variety of applications such as corridor mapping, surveying large areas from high altitudes, monitoring glaciers and landslides and more. The solution includes the corresponding cabling; a “Minor Change Approval” is already available for Airbus Helicopters AS350 series helicopters.

RIEGL VQ-680 OEM – Airborne lidar scanning module for OEM integration

Image: RIEGL

Image: RIEGL

The VQ-680 compact airborne lidar scanner OEM is designed to be integrated with large-format cameras or other sensors in complex hybrid system solutions.

The module can be mounted inside a camera system connected to the IMU/GNSS system and various camera modules through a sturdy mechanical interface. It also has laser pulse repetition rates of up to 2.4 MHz and 2 million measurements per second.

The VQ-680 is ideal for large-scale applications in urban mapping, forestry and power line surveying, the company says. With a wide field view of 60º andRIEGL’s nadir/forward/backward (NFB) scanning, the system offers five scan directions up to ± 20º. This technology provides users exceptional coverage of vertical structures such as building facades or power poles at high accuracy.  

The OEM’s sister type, the VQ-680, is offered as a high-end airborne lidar scanner that offers the full range of performance in a compact and lightweight scanner. This scanner can be coupled with up to six high-resolution RGB/NIR cameras and mounted onto appropriate aircraft hatches with or without using stabilized platforms. 

RIEGL VUX-180-24 –UAV lidar sensor for high-speed surveying missions 

Image: RIEGL

Image: RIEGL

The VUX-180-24 offers a wide field of view of 75º and a high pulse repetition rate of up to 2.4 MHz. These features – in combination with an increased scan speed of up to 800 lines per second – make it suitable for high-speed surveying missions and applications where an optimal line and point distribution is required.

Typical applications include mapping and monitoring of critical infrastructure such as power lines, railway tracks, pipelines, and runways. The  VUX-180-24 provides mechanical and electrical interfaces for IMU/GNSS integration and up to five external cameras. For smooth and straight forward data storage, an internal SSD memory with 2 TByte storage capacity and a removable CFast memory card are available.

This sensor can be coupled with RIEGL’s VUX-120, VU-160, and VUX-240 series UAVs. The system is available as a stand-alone sensor or in various fully integrated laser scanning system configurations with IMU/GNSS systems and optional cameras.

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