Rambus and Movimento team on personalized security for automotive

June 8, 2016  - By
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Rambus Inc. and Movimento are partnering to deliver secure, personalized over-the-air (OTA) vehicle updates critical to safety and performance in the era of the connected car.

Rambus is a specialist in digital security that provides a secure foundation for a connected world, and Movimento specializes in OTA software lifecycle and data management for the automotive/IoT sectors.

Movimento and Rambus are demonstrating the joint solution at TU-Automotive in Detroit. Visitors can see how the solution works on a live demo using a Dodge RAM truck in Movimento’s booth C67.

Moviemento also took home a TU-Automotive Award for Best Telematics Product/Service for its OTA platform.

The CryptoManager platform adds an important layer of security to the Movimento OTA solution. Vehicle updates provided by the combined Movimento and Rambus solution offers one-time, single-use keys unique to each vehicle, minimizing vulnerabilities and maximizing security.

As part of the collaboration, Movimento’s OTA technology uses the Rambus CryptoManager platform, enabling in-field provisioning of encrypted keys generated for each vehicle and allowing for secure communication between a vehicle and the cloud.

“As cars continue to increase in complexity and connectivity, often depending on more than 100 million lines of code to function, car makers and consumers alike are demanding simple and secure methods to download, authenticate and install vehicle updates,” said Mahbubul Alam, CTO of Movimento. “By partnering with Rambus and integrating the CryptoManager security platform with Movimento’s OTA solutions, we are able to further our strategy of building a best-in-class ecosystem of integrated solutions to enable the software defined car and data analytics.”

Movimento’s tools and technologies are designed to reduce complexity when making software and firmware updates by updating all the ECUs in a car in one go securely. From the chip to the cloud, Movimento builds on more than a decade of experience in automotive industry with the company updating more than 3 million vehicles every year.

“Many current OTA solutions deliver functional updates and security patches for vehicles using the same software encryption key for multiple vehicles, increasing the vulnerability of the update,” said Martin Scott, general manager of the Rambus Cryptography Research Division. “The Rambus CryptoManager solution provides an integrated security platform with flexible implementation from the hardware root-of-trust to the secure firmware which, when combined with Movimento’s OTA technology, enables the next level of integrated chip-to-cloud-to-car security.”

The CryptoManager platform allows for cost reduction by enabling security features already embedded in automotive chipsets and requires no additional security hardware. By utilizing an embedded hardware solution, the CryptoManager platform minimizes the attack surface of the vehicle by providing end point security.


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