PPP Solution from NovAtel Improved for Sub-Decimeter Accuracy

March 11, 2015  - By
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NovAtel has announced significant performance improvements to its precise point positioning (PPP) solution. NovAtel CORRECT with PPP will now offer the new TerraStar-C correction service as its exclusive source for satellite-delivered PPP correction data.

TerraStar-C contains an enhanced correction data set that enables up to 4-centimeter accuracy and instant re-convergence when combined with the receiver error models and positioning algorithms offered by NovAtel CORRECT. This new level of PPP performance is available on NovAtel’s OEM6 receivers with firmware version 6.600.

NovAtel CORRECT is the positioning algorithm on NovAtel’s GNSS receivers that handles corrections from a variety of sources, including real-time kinematic (RTK), PPP, spaced-based augmentation systems (SBAS) and differential GPS (DGPS). NovAtel CORRECT with PPP combines GNSS satellite clock and orbit correction data from TerraStar’s global reference station network with NovAtel’s receiver algorithms to yield robust sub-decimeter positioning without the need for nearby base stations.

Correction data provided by TerraStar is delivered to the end user via Inmarsat satellites. With satellites visible globally, PPP is an ideal solution for precision applications where communications infrastructure is either unreliable or not available. In addition, applications where signal interruptions are common will benefit from a more robust positioning solution with the ability to quickly regain full accuracy following a temporary loss of GNSS signals, NovAtel said.

NovAtel customers with current TerraStar-D subscriptions have the option to upgrade to the new TerraStar-C service level free of charge. The new NovAtel PPP performance level is available immediately.

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