Powerful RTK with Six Separate Engines

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Screen anatomy — RTK v6.

Screen anatomy — RTK v6.

By Matthew D. Sibole

A little more than a year ago, I became a part of a team of surveyors from across the country to offer testing and input on new technology and programing coming out of JAVAD GNSS. It has been a great honor to work along with Dr. Javad Ashjaee, the other surveyors and Javad’s staff at JAVAD GNSS. Why Javad chose me, I doubt that I will ever know. While I am proud to be a part of what Javad has dubbed “J-Team,” I have realized very quickly how little I know about GNSS. In this series of articles that I plan on putting together, I will chronicle my advances in GNSS and testing of JAVAD GNSS equipment.

As part of my testing, I have been using a JAVAD Triumph 2 base (with 4-watt external radio) and a TRIUMPH-LS rover. I had seen advertisements for this system for many months prior to becoming a member of the J-team. I was apprehensive at first with the difference in the appearance and learning the new software. However, it did not take long to realize how advanced this system, namely the TRIUMPH-LS, was.

One key feature that I use to determine the quality of my shots is the V6 engines. The V6 engines that it uses to fix the ambiguities is unlike anything I have seen in any other software or receiver. The V6 engines are six separate RTK engines running simultaneously. Basically, this is like having six separate receivers in one.

When in heavy multipath area, I tend to stay fixated on this screen. Each engine can fix at different times. When another engine gets fixed, the resulting epochs are averaged between the two fixed engines and so on with any of the other engines. (See above image.)

This is only one of many technological advancements that Javad has included in his newest receivers. Please continue to follow my articles on other advancements and general surveying practice topics.

For more information on Javad’s J-Field software, the TRIUMPH-LS or other JAVAD GNSS solutions, please feel free to visit www.javad.com, email matt@surveyingky.com, or call 1-888-550-5301 or 1-408-770-1770.

Matthew D. Sibole is a Professional Land Surveyor (PLS) and a member of the JAVAD GNSS J-Team.

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