Point One Navigation expands Polaris RTK location network to South Korea

January 25, 2024  - By
Image: Point One Navigation

Image: Point One Navigation

Point One Navigation has expanded its Polaris real-time kinematic (RTK) location network to South Korea.

The network is set to provide comprehensive coverage throughout the country. Existing Polaris customers can use the South Korean integration to enhance the precision and efficiency of their location-based projects.

Polaris offers centimeter-level accurate GNSS positioning with accuracy ranging from 1 cm to 10 cm, which makes it ideal for challenging environments, such as urban areas with limited sky view. Unlike standard GNSS systems — which face position uncertainty due to atmospheric signal delay, satellite orbit variation, clock drift and signal multipath — the Polaris network counters these issues using additional information from compact base stations.

Point One’s FusionEngine software further integrates inertial measurement, wheel odometry and additional sensors to achieve the desired level of precision in the complete absence of satellite signals.

The Polaris network with FusionEngine software can be used as a precision location service for autonomy and robotics applications. Polaris supports all major GNSS constellations and has an extremely dense global network of base stations that cover the United States, Europe, New Zealand, South Korea, and parts of Canada and Australia.

Developers can integrate the Polaris RTK network and FusionEngine software using GraphQL API. The network can be built into demanding applications such as industrial autonomy, precision agriculture, logistics and delivery, robots and advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS).

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