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Point One Navigation expands location solutions to cover Great Britain

December 4, 2023  - By
Image: Point One Navigation

Image: Point One Navigation

Point One Navigation has integrated Ordnance Survey base stations into the Polaris Network, which is designed to improve accuracy, precision, reliability and interoperability in the UK. The solutions aim to aid in applications such as advanced driver assistance (ADAS), robotics, mapping and more.  

Polaris is a real time kinematic (RTK) corrections network that offers cm-level accurate GNSS positioning. Polaris’ global RTK network now includes the entire United States, EU, Australia, Canada and the UK. 

Existing Polaris customers can utilize the UK integration immediately, at no additional cost. 

This technology is complemented by the company’s FusionEngine software, which further integrates inertial measurement, wheel odometry and additional sensors to achieve the desired level of precision, even in the absence of satellite signals.  

Polaris supports all major GNSS constellations and has a dense global network of base stations, which offers improved precision acquisition time in more places, the company says. The network supports all modern navigation signals across all mobile networks. 

According to Point One, it is the first localization service with a modern GraphQL-based API, which aims to improve the integration of Polaris RTK into developer-built applications. It can be used by software developers to integrate RTK into demanding applications, including industrial autonomy, precision agriculture, logistics and delivery, robots and ADAS.  

It will support State Space Representation (SSR) corrections delivered by L-band satellites in early 2024, the company says, which will allow for operations to continue in the absence of cellular networks or in bandwidth constrained applications.