Omata debuts analog GPS speedometer

April 5, 2016  - By

Photo: Omata

Omata is introducing a new analog GPS speedometer that displays the information most essential to the activity in a classic form.

Starting with cycling, Omata introduces the Omata One speedometer, designed to complement and maintain the purity of the ride as well as look beautiful on the bike.

On the inside of the speedometer is a GPS computer that records with high precision so that cyclists can at download their activity data to their preferred training applications or sites.

On the outside Omata One has a legible and mechanical analog movement that shows riders the speed, distance, ascent and time. The company’s first product displays only these four, core pieces of information so the cyclist can focus on the ride.

Photo: Omata“Everything about your bike should be as pure, inspiring and beautiful as the ride itself,” said the Omata team in a press release. “We are a team of ruthlessly dedicated and committed product makers who believe great design and meaningful products come more from what you leave out, rather than what you add in.”

The Omata One speedometer will launch on Kickstarter on April 5 with estimated delivery of the first product in February 2017. Omata One will subsequently be available through