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NVS Technologies Releases Firmware Update for NV08C Receivers

May 2, 2013  - By
Image: GPS World

NVS Technologies has released updated firmware for its NV08C receiver series. Firmware v0206 is compatible with current and preceding hardware revisions of the NV08C receiver series. Firmware v0206 can be downloaded free of charge.

Firmware v0206 offers:

  • Stabilized raw data output for output rates up to 10 Hz
  • Extended $POUTC NMEA message, including current LEAP SECONDS value, flags for expected UTC correction, and PPS edge shift relative to UTC (sawtooth correction SW).
  • Stabilized sleep mode operation ($POPWR,1111*66) for all NV08C series HW versions
  • Increased position accuracy and stability in urban canyon conditions with poor SV visibility
  • Cold start initialized to LEAP SECOND 16 (LEAP SECOND 16 came into effect July 1, 2012)

Benefits include:

  • Obtain initial receiver coordinates more quickly, in cold starts, low satellite signal (foliage/canopy) and loss of satellite signal conditions (indoor, garages, tunnels…).
  • Greater satellite tracking reliability in poor visibility conditions (urban canyon/tall buildings, bridges/underpasses…).
  • Stable raw data output up to 10Hz rate.
  • Full sleep mode support for effective power savings.
  • Complies with ERA-GLONASS requirements.
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